my belief is we are all important. we all have stories to share. these memories have helped shape us into the people we are today. both the good and the bad.


The Innerview is a video biography through a guided interview process. I ask a variety of in depth questions provoking self-reflection. Capturing the human experience. YOUR experience within YOUR world. Do you play with your hair, or stumble over your words, or try to hide tears, or laugh regarding certain topics?

Where has, your life led you thus far? What struggles have risen you up or have taken you a step back? What have you learned from them?


by documenting these stories, it allows you to see yourself from an outside perspective and perhaps have mini “ah ha” moments. we are all unique and therefore, you see parts of you that only you could see and understand your mannerisms.


In a world where we want quick fixes or to make everything visual perfect. We forget that the real beauty is the unperfected REAL self. That’s why there is zero editing because those moments are you. It is about getting curious about your life and with yourself. How exciting is that?



hello, my name is Andria  

I have been interested in peoples' stories all my life. Since I was a little girl I have enjoyed hearing tales from family, friends, and strangers. My ability to truly listen with compassion, intuition and patience has embarked me on a journey to record the stories of others.

Like all of our own, my story is still unfolding. Where it has lead me thus far is living in Vancouver, BC, marrying my best friend, and adopting our dog Werner (aka Venne). Soon my little family will be expanding with my husband and I expecting our first child, early 2018. 

With a passion for mother nature and life, I enjoy my free time with my green thumb, hiking local trails, visiting farmers markets, cooking with local seasonal vegetables, and surrounding myself with my loved ones.