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how the session works

The Innerview takes approximately an hour, during which I will be asking you a series of interesting questions, depending which part of your life you are wanting to focus on. Each session is recorded and will be given to you for safe keeping.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me. What is shared between the two of us is strictly for you and whomever you wish to share it with. The recording will be provided to you via a USB key, within, two days after our session. The footage will be raw and natural as it was meant to be seen. It is those brief moments and how we emotionally own them that reflect our genuine authentic self.

why would you want to record your story?

This can be a personal journal; to document your current process or a time capsule for you or your family members. Perhaps to be given as a gift for your parents or grandparents as a legacy piece.

This is an opportunity for you to share a part of you, however you want to be heard. Allowing yourself and those around you to learn what your core values and beliefs are. To uncover understanding and acknowledgement of yourself.

how much do these session cost?

the cost for a 45 - 55 minute session is $125.00

where are the session held?

  I rent a room at L' Atelier in Gastown, Vancouver.

Photo: L'Atelier Co- Working Vancouver BC

Photo: L'Atelier Co- Working Vancouver BC

319 W Hastings Street #400

319 W Hastings Street #400


If you are unable to meet down town, due to physical ailments, I will do my best to accommodate to come to you.

do I have to do anything to prepare?

no, you don't. I ask you come with an open heart and open mind :)

who is this for?

Your child - Imagine that you are able to see and hear their thoughts, beliefs, passions, growing pains, and imagination as they age. Who are they at the age seven? Has their perspective on life changed? What is high school like? What is their relationship like towards family and friends? 

Graduation - Whether its secondary school, university, or medical school? What have they achieved and what's next? As this chapter comes to an end where does the new one begin?  What do they foresee in their future?

Retiring from your career - Is it for you or a colleague? Perhaps a farewell gift from the company? How are you feeling? Is this something you wanted? Another milestone complete, what are you going to do now? What excites you? Do you have new dreams and ambitions?

 Are you Immigrating - This is huge! You're starting a new life somewhere. So many emotions can come up and how are you feeling?


Disclaimer -  The Innerviews are 100% confidential and everything that is shared stays between you and I. The original file will be kept on a separate USB stick for up to 30 days as an insurance policy in case you have lost or misplaced your recording.


Cancellation Policy - 24 hour notification is required to cancel or change all booked sessions. All cancellations under 24 hour notice will be charged the full amount. Thank you for respecting my time and my services.