Sharing a Part of Myself

Andria Veronica Ewa Racich - Super Woman

Who is this person staring back at me?

I do not recognize you from time past.
You look familiar with your steady roots
But still, believe you wander on broken glass
Why, fear you have no strengths?
Oh, Dear Andria, you have proven you have all the strength in the world Time and time again.
Just look inside and let it grow.
The light from within keeps crying, “let me out” “let me out.”
Do not let it fade
Just trust that you have all the right tools to have it made
You sweet, beautiful child
Have faith that all will be right
And hold on tight
For you are about to let it out
You secret superwoman
Why hide all your secret powers?
Do share with the world your mighty strength and crafty ways
You glorious superwoman
Be proud to let your emotion roar
Allow the world in
For they will all be in awe
For you are everything and more
You glorious woman and warm-hearted soul
Open up your arms and embrace your weakness as your strengths 

For your powers are invincible and forever adapting
Oh, sweet Andria if you only knew your true powers

Then all can be yours
The world is your oyster and you its pearl.
Find your harmony among the other pearls
Stay true to whom you are
You glorious Super Woman
I love you so
Believe that you will always find your way
Your light from within will guide you through darkness 

You glorious superwoman
How far you have come
Oh, you sweet, beautiful woman
Your beauty is so mesmerizing

How many adventures you are yet to see

Let your beauty shine with grace and confidence 

For it is your beauty from within
That holds one of your greatest secret powers 

You glorious Super Woman
How wonderfully petite you are
May I take you in my pocket?
Or just for a stroll?
Oh, how I love you so
You glorious Superwoman
You are MY glorious Woman
I love you
Andria Veronica Ewa Racich
You are incredible in ever way
Now be kind to yourself
As you are to others
And just know
That I love you

You glorious Super Woman

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