Pictures Telling Stories

The saying is true. Pictures do say a thousand words. I believe that photo can capture a feeling, expression, or part of your inner soul.

A couple of years back I had a friend who shared with me Pinterest. I was immediately hooked. Not because it was a social media outlet but because it was visually appealing. You could curate your interest. Make boards and bookmark recipes or new and exciting sites, just based on a photo. 

As I carry on this journey of opening myself up to the cyber world, I thought I would share my Pinterest page. I created one board "Some of my Favourite Things," it's where I have found imagines that make my heart sing, dance, and light up. I  created this years ago and when I come back and scroll through the images from times past. I still get those warm and fuzzies, and if I don't, I delete them. To be honest though, the majority I keep as it spoke to me at some point. 

Now you might be wondering as to why I am rambling on about Pinterest and here's the thing. I want you to get to know me. Look through my boards and images because there you'll get a sense of who I am, my interests, passions, and beliefs. Perhaps you'll find inspiration or better yet be interested in creating a board for yourself, harness yourself, explore, and share. 

To go to my home page on Pinterest - click here

I hope you enjoy as much as I did in creating them :) 

Andria RacichComment