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Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing my first ‘Innerview’ with Andria, and I tell you… this won’t be the last! What a fabulous way to re-connect with oneself, ones ideas, beliefs, thoughts and feelings. To re-visit the past and to lay a foundation for the future while expressing all of that in the present moment. I got so many insights out of this Innerview, as Andria has the unique ability and creativity to pose questions I have never even contemplated before! Andria is a wonderful guide on this journey of Life and Self-exploration and discovery; caring and compassionate, patient and a very aware listener. Her presence made me feel at ease, accepted and respected. It’s a very unique and different experience to be given a stage for self-expression while being in the comfort of my own, private space and talk freely with abandon about themes that usually do not pass my lips. Very powerful work, thank you Andria!
— Caroline Witteveen
Guided Innerview , how precious is that?!
It excelled my expectations by far. The fine guidance by Andria made me feel comfortable and open to it. I was amazed what I put into words about myself. A rare opportunity to listen and observe oneself. My children and Grandchildren in listening and seeing the tape, will know more about me and will have questions answered. Thank you Andria for being skillful and creating this special opportunity.
— Erika Rista
It’s an amazing experience to be interviewed by someone for the sole purpose of… just telling my story, and nothing else! No obligation, no end goal, just talking and having someone listen, and be interested, honestly interested, in who I am as a human being, and where I come from. Andria is a lovely and compassionate human being, and being interviewed by her was easy, smooth and fun. I also found the process to be very healing. It’s amazing what transformation can happen simply by just being heard. It has inspired me to also listen more to the stories of the people around me.
— Rae St Arnault